Ill: Final Contagium

Ill: Final Contagium

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Oglądaj Ill: Final Contagium Napisy PL film za darmo online An anthology film that features four segments. Contagium: The beginning of a global pandemic originated by the macabre experiment of a military scientist. Gully: The calvary of a young man who, as a result of his ambition, is the victim of a painful metamorphosis. The Body: The martyrdom suffered by a woman obsessed with beauty and who resorts to a home cosmetic surgery in order to save money. The Cabin: A post-apocalyptic era in which money becomes the only means that can allow the infected to stay alive.

Tytuł oryginalny: Ill: Final Contagium

Czas trwania: 105 minut

Typ: Napisy PL

Premiera: 2019